IDB Lean Management TPS Program Empowers Taiwan Asahi Diamond’s Digital Lean Transformation

To assist in the implementation of lean management and promote industrial lean transformation in domestic manufacturing industries, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), and Taiwan Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan Asahi Diamond) jointly organized the “Taiwan Asahi Diamond Lean Management TPS Demonstration and Observation Event” on the afternoon of December 9th at the Taiwan Asahi Diamond Taoyuan Plant. Through this event, Taiwan Asahi Diamond shared its achievements in promoting lean management, aiming to inspire other businesses to embark on the path of lean management by learning from proven examples.

In his speech, Shen-Chao Ho, Technical Specialist of the Industrial Development Bureau pointed out that in order to assist domestic industries face the changes in the global economy in recent years, the IDB has been promoting the “Grant Program for TPS Lean Management” since 2020, which is aimed at addressing the problems and blind spots of manufacturers by introducing a lean management consultancy model, thereby optimizing enterprise operations and enhancing competitiveness through the promotion of lean management. Since its launch 3 years ago, 74 cases of production line lean management have been facilitated and implemented. In the current year (2022), manufacturers are encouraged to integrate and utilize the “Lean Management” methodology with “Digital System Tools” to enhance the efficiency of production process management, expand the effectiveness of lean processes, and promote the industry towards smart manufacturing and digital transition.

TAMI Vice Chairman Yi-Chieh Lin expressed his gratitude to the Director General of the IDB for his longstanding support of lean management. TAMI has been implementing Grant Program for TPS Lean Management since 2020, and it has received positive feedback from many industry players. This has facilitated the smooth progress of lean management initiatives, leading to nearly 60 companies adopting lean management practices over the past 3 years. Lean management has indeed become a “common language” within the mechanical processing industry. This example attests to a successful achievement where the government is deeply attuned to the needs of the industry and leads its continued development.

The event was attended by nearly 40 industry representatives. Chairman Ming-Shong Lan of Taiwan Asahi Diamond expressed gratitude for the government’s concrete support, which has allowed Taiwan Asahi Diamond to successfully implement the 5S methodology, eliminating time wasted on “searching” by “quantifying” and “locating” objects. The company has also promoted Quality Control Circle (QCC) activities to enhance the skills of its personnel and resolve on-site issues. Through the implementation of the lean management TPS approach, utilizing Just In Time (JIT) production to level the supply of labor and materials, the company has effectively increased its on-time delivery rate by 15.6% and reduced lead time by 17.2%.

Taiwan Asahi Diamond is the first Taiwanese manufacturer of diamond tools. In addition to its strong foundation in basic technology, the company has been actively promoting its transformation and building the “Taiwan Asahi Diamond Dream.” Through initiatives like lean management and digitalization, the company is committed to undergoing a digital lean transformation. The company also anticipates aligning with the international trend towards net-zero carbon emissions and meeting the demands of emerging technologies such as third-generation semiconductors, EVs, and 5G. By providing eco-saving and environmentally friendly high-precision machining tools, Taiwan Asahi Diamond empowers customers in achieving the best performance and precision for their products, thereby enhancing their competitive edge.

Photo by Industrial Technology Research Institute


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