About Us

Founded in 1967, Taiwan Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.
We has been a synonym for diamond tool manufacturing in Taiwan.

 With expertise in hard and brittle material processing tools made of diamond / CBN, TDC provides a wide variety of tool options for cutting, lapping, drilling, polishing, drawing, etc.

Under the technological cooperation and investment by TDC’s Japanese parent company, Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd., we are constantly enhancing our manufacturing skills to stay in the leading positon of diamond tool manufacturers. TDC now provides a one-roof solution and customized service to customers from conventional to high-tech industries, moreover, aerospace component manufacturers.


We Insist
Innovation, Service, Speed, Profit

Our combination of quality products with our principle “Innovation, Service, Speed, Profit” is the key to success. Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and ISO 2000.Systems and Activities we introduced: TPS, 5S, QCC(Increasing production efficiency to enable Just in Time manufacturing)

Tools for semiconductor, advanced packaging, electronic material grinding, cutting and polishing.
Grinding wheels for tungsten carbide.
Cutting and edging tools for display, touch panel and optics glass.
Diamond & CBN tools for bearing, linear guideway and ball screw.
Diamond & CBN grinding wheels for automotive components.
Surfacing and edging tools for optical lenses.
Diamond & CBN grinding wheel for gear hob cutter sharpening.
Drill, saw blades and wire drawing.
1967 / 06
Taiwan Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. was officially founded in Sanchong, New Taipei City with an initial registered capital of NT$1 million.
1968 / 01
The joint venture and technical cooperation with Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan was approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The capital was increased to NT$3 million. New products “Diamond Core Bits” and “Diamond Saw Blades” were launched.
1969 / 01
Sales activities started. New products “Diamond Wheels”, “Diamond Dressers”, “Diamond Bites”, and “Diamond Dies” were launched.
1975 / 10
The production plant was moved to Padeh, Taoyuan. The headquarters was moved to Taipei City.
1996 / 11
A new office building and new plants completed.
2001 / 08
Company’s quality policy, “Innovation”, “Speed”, “Service”, and “Profit” was announced.
2013 / 03
The Zhongli Plant was completed, production of diamond tools for touch panel glasses started.
2021 / 08
The corporate vision: 「providing eco-saving, environmental-friendly high precision diamond tools」was announced.