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COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Customers,

We appreciate your business over the past many years, and hope that your employees, their family, and your business stays healthy and well. As you know, COVID19 has been affecting many countries. Under current situation, we respect the Government’s advisory and are taking all possible measures to prevent our employees from infection, and to secure our production and shipments. We would like to explain our plan as below.

1. Taiwan Asahi Diamond Operations:

Currently there are no known cases of infection within our factories, or sales offices in Taiwan. Two of our production sites will continue operation without limitations, however, numerous preventive measures have already been taken on the administrative side. In case that our employees become ill, we are prepared in the best possible way through our group-wide BCM (Business Continuity Management).

2. Supply Chain-Raw Materials:

We have enough raw materials in stock to maintain operations for the next few months. There are also no reports of any serious problems with our key suppliers’ production. As a safety measure, we are working to build additional safety stock.

3. Logistics/Shipments:

Logistics within Taiwan remains normal. However, we are confronted with legal restrictions in some countries, and shortage of international cargo capacity. We are working hard to secure our shipments by the best possible method.

4. Sales/Business Processes:

We are still keep working as normal. However, if Government declare “State of Emergency” or “Locked down”. We will implement a “work from home” policy for most of our sales and administrative staff, so that can continue to support our customers. But, please accept that the travel activities of our employees are restricted until further notice.

5. Request to Our Customers:

This situation is constantly changing, making it difficult to predict. International shipments may have future delays due to reduced operation of international flights, and our factories may have some limitation in operation if the Government releases a strong action. Therefore, we would like to ask our customers to secure some safety inventory, and allow us more lead time for deliveries.

                               Sincerely yours


                               General Manager

                               Taiwan Asahi Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd.