Taiwan Asahi Diamond’s Cutting, Grinding, Drilling, and Polishing Products: Product Lineup for All Processing Needs

As we enter the post-pandemic era, the momentum that lay dormant in many industries for a long time finally erupted at the Tainan Automatic Machinery & Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Show from July 2nd to 6th. This event has also triggered a transformation in many resilient industries, leading to continuous operational efficiency enhancements and agility. This is the insight of Taiwan’s first and leading diamond tool manufacturing company, Taiwan Asashi Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan Asahi Diamond), as conveyed by its Chairman, Dr. Ming-Shong Lan. The company specializes in producing products from the Diamond series and the Cubic Boron Nitride (cBN) series, which are specifically designed for the excellent processing of hard and brittle materials. Taiwan Diamond possesses the manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of tools, including cutting, grinding, drilling, milling, and polishing tools. During the Tainan trade show, the company exhibited its newly developed PCD guide plate for centerless grinding machines, significantly improving the machining accuracy over the traditional tungsten carbide guide plate and significantly increases the service life by several fold. The CVDD Roller Dresser is suitable for CNC multi-axis machines to dress various types and shapes of traditional grinding wheels. It is particularly effective for processing applications in small and medium production batches, and the quality and performance of this product series continues to improve.

Taiwan Diamond’s PCD/PCBN reamer and milling tools exhibit outstanding quality and performance, surpassing traditional tungsten carbide tools in terms of precision, processing surface, and lifespan. They are suitable for processing various automotive, motorcycle parts as well as precision mold processing applications. Taiwan Asahi Diamond’s product range is very diverse, encompassing various tools for different industries. This includes tools for optical industry processing, aerospace technology specialized alloy material processing, sapphire series, cutting, grooving, surface grinding, drilling tools, as well as tools for semiconductor, photovoltaic energy, silicon wafer cutting, grooving, surface grinding, and polishing. Additionally, the company’s tools cater to automotive parts processing, full-size panel glass grinding tools, and tools for drilling, grinding, and polishing touch panel. All of these products have gained consistent recognition and acclaim from customers.

The emergence of the fast-growing AI, 5G, and EV industries has led to a spike in demand for semiconductor silicon wafers. The wafer manufacturing process requires stringent precision, resulting in the development of third-generation semiconductor materials such as GaN (Gallium Nitride) and SiC (Silicon Carbide). In addition to their high breakdown voltage, they each possess key advantages of high-temperature resistance and suitability for high-frequency operation. This trend not only significantly reduces chip size but also simplifies the design of peripheral circuits. Therefore, Taiwan Diamond has also heavily invested in the research and development of silicon carbide grinding tools to assist the industry in improving process efficiency and yield rate.

In addition, Taiwan Asahi Diamond’s glass wafer processing tools for semiconductor applications, from ingots, trimming, slicing, grinding, cutting, and polishing in the semiconductor process to pre-packaging, Taiwan Asahi Diamond’s products can fully meet the processing needs of the industry.

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